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Minecraft Command Guide

Postby 4Ply_ZA » Sat Mar 31, 2012 3:04 pm

The following is a list of commands and actions available to you on the R.I.G. Minecraft Server

To teleport to the spawn of the world you are in, type:

To send a private message to another player, type:
/tell [Playername] [Message]

If you die, you may reclaim your lost inventory for 250 Riggas, to do so type:

The server runs on a economy system, in order to view your balance, type:

You may gain money by breaking materials such as stone, ores, and mossy cobble.
You may use your money to buy items in shops.
You may also sell items in a shop to make money.

To use a shop, right click on a shop sign.

To create a shop, place a sign above a chest with the following format:
YourName - May be blank (it will auto fill)
Item Name/ID


Which will allow the player to buy 64 Stone for 50.00 Riggas.
Once you have done this, fill the chest with the items you are selling.

If you want to make a sell shop (Players sell items to you and you pay them)

Which will allow the player to sell 64 Stone to you and receive 50.00 Riggas from you.
You may create a shop anywhere you want to. (As long as it does not break any of the rules)
A Teleportation Sign will then be created for you inside of the Teleport Station. Ask an Admin for assistance.

There is a second trading system available, click here for more information.

In order to create a Residence (an area protected from other players) you will need a Wooden Axe.
Use //wand to receive one.
Once you have your tool, select two opposite corners around the area you want to protect.
Beware of making a Res that is too large, if your Res is too big and you do not utilize it to its full potential, it may be resized.

To create a Res, type:
/res create [Resname]
Where [Resname] is the name of the Res you want to create. This name may contain letters, numbers and underscores.

To create a SubRes:
You will need to select an area within the Parent Res. This is the area you would like to use for your SubRes.

Now type /res create Parent.SubRes (Where Parent is the name of the Res the SubRes will be in, and SubRes is the name you want to give your SubRes.

You may assign specific members and flags to the SubRes.
You can have as many SubReses as you want.

To remove a Res, type:
/res remove [Resname]

Once you have created the Res, you may add members to the res using the following command: (Members can build and break inside of your res)
/res addmember [Resname] [Playername]

To remove a member, type:
/res removemember [Resname] [Playername]

For a list of all the Res's you own, type:
/res list

To teleport to a Res, type: (You may only teleport to Res's that you own or are a member of)
/res tp [Resname]

To set the teleport location for a Res you own, stand inside the Res and type:
/res tpset

To set a flag for your Res, type:
/res flag [Resname] [Flag] [Value]
The flags you may use are:
Greeting - Set the entry message for when people enter your res.
Farewell - Set the exit message for when people leave your res.
Build - (True/False) Allow people to build and break in your res.
Levers - (True/False) Allow people who aren't in members of your res to use redstone powering objects (levers, buttons, pressure plates) and doors.

First, you will need an already existing Res. This will be known as the Parent Res.
Then you will need to select an area within the Parent Res. This is the area you would like to use for your SubRes.

Now type /res create Parent.SubRes (Where Parent is the name of the Res the SubRes will be in, and SubRes is the name you want to give your SubRes.

You may assign specific members and flags to the SubRes.
You can have as many SubReses as you want.

When you place a chest, it shall be automatically protected so that only you may open it.
In order to select a chest for editing, left click it with a stick, then use one of the following commands.
You do not have to reselect a chest each time you use a new command, only when you want to change which chest you are editing.

If you want to protect a chest that is not protected already, type:
/chest protect

To unprotect a chest, type:
/chest unprotect

To add a member (Someone who may also open your chest) type:
/chest addmember [Playername]

To remove a member, type:
/chest removemember [Playername]

To display all information about a chest you own, type:
/chest info

A Home is a location that you may teleport to at any time.
To set a home, use /home set this will set the location of your home to where you are standing.

To teleport home, type:

To read about the PvE Arena, click here

If you need any assistance feel free to contact one of our Admins.

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Re: Minecraft Command Guide

Postby Xenorath » Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:18 am

Wand command not working
Also using a normal wooden Axe isn't creating a res :(

Please help

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Postby AppalEt » Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:10 am

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Postby AppalEt » Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:11 am

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Last Proxy surf

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He went on, And you consate that all these steans be aboon folk that be haped here, snod an snog?
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It would be easy for Bell, at the last corner before the run in, to do this in such a way that he could argue to his employers that it had just been a bit of over-keen riding, that another horse had crowded him over to the left, that his horse had stumbled.
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Ask for auto loan payoff letter

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Bond reached out and gave two rings on the bell to show May, his treasured Scottish housekeeper, that he was ready for breakfast.
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All Soma withdrawls

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But how else can you go out?
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Last coronado high school scottsdale

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A cold shiver ran through me to find my worst fears thus endorsed.
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